Instead of “Diet starts Monday”

Wouldn’t you rather say…

“Diet started Monday”

Here’s what’ll derail you faster than you can even get started

1. Expectations – Set goals that you don’t mind spending a lifetime pursuing.

2. Ignorance – You don’t know everything, nor will you ever. Willingness to learn is the only chance you have at continual improvement.

3. Avoidance – If you want something but fear failing, you can only run away from it for so long before you either realize it’s too late even if you were to try, or you see someone else do the same thing and live your dream.

Fitness isn’t just fitness, it’s your deepest expression of thought, emotion and identity. Principles of mindset that facilitate one’s fitness expand far beyond the physical world.

Let go, stop focusing on minor things that make zero difference.

You matter, act like it.

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