One Task at a Time!

If eating in calorie deficit feels a little too overwhelming at first, then just start by committing to eating more veggies or hitting a protein goal.

If going to the gym feels too overwhelming at first, then just start by getting your step count up each day.

If drinking 3 liters of water a day seems too overwhelming at first, then just start by committing to drinking a glass more than usual.

You don’t have to be perfect from the get go.  You just need to take some form of positive ACTION. 

And anytime things feel overwhelming. Just remember.  One thought at a time.  One day at a time.  One task at a time.

You got this!

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The Time is NOW!

You’re not waiting for the perfect time, but your own readiness.

The perfect time is an ego-built belief that keeps us held down in our current situation.

It prevents up from taking action and evolving into a state of growth.

Time becomes the right time when you’re ready for it to be right, when you’re ready to take action and step into your greatness.

Waiting doesn’t change anything.

Time is exactly the same and it’s going to pass whether or not you make a move. 

Allow me to meet you where you are, collaborate with you, and develop systems to help you step into greatness.

Deep down in your unconscious, you know what you’re meant for. 

You know where you’re headed. 

When you are ready step forward, let me guide you to become great and get you to your goals. 

“Nothing that is for you can escape you.  It can only be postponed.  When you are ready to do the deep dark shadow work, will it then propel you towards your goal with purpose.  Find what ignites you.  Find what this world so desperately needs from you!  You are needed, necessary and enough.  Do the work now, since tomorrow is never for certain. “

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Living life to the fullest!

Living life to the fullest!

“If you don’t leave a little room to indulge and celebrate, then what’s the point in life.”

One of my mottos in life is, work hard, play hard. As hard as I work in my business, and train in the gym, I equally love celebrating life and having fun with vacations, meals out, and alcohol. You can’t work as hard as I do without taking some downtime to enjoy the fruits of my labor. But, one of the questions I get asked the most is how I can live my life like this, while still staying lean all year round.

How do I do it? It’s actually very simple. I live life with balance. Ninety-percent of my lifestyle choices are taking me towards my goals, keeping ten-percent to enjoy something indulgent. Because otherwise, what’s the point in life? When the body is kept strong through daily exercise, strength training, and a nutritious diet, it can handle alcohol and excess calories from time to time! We’re not here to be perfect. We are here to live life joyfully and have fun.

So work hard, but remember to play hard too. You deserve it.

Have a fabulous week ahead!

Effort Can’t Be Fooled!

Effort can’t be fooled

“Wherever you go, there you are. How you do something is how you do everything.”

In life, how you do something is how you do everything. Every client I train, I know who clearly hasn’t done the work or followed the plan to the letter, and who try to “fool” me into thinking they have worked harder than they have. They pull up their underpants to tuck in the stomach roll. They pull down their bra to hide the extra roll. They suck in their stomach to the point of asphyxiation, trying to make it seem like their transformation is worthy of a prize. (This plan never works, by the way.)

Think about it for a second. Who are they actually trying to fool? Myself, or yourselves? And perhaps a better question is, why would you want to? Why would someone want to pretend that they’d done more work than they had? Perhaps a better strategy would be to examine where they failed and rectify the situation so they do better next time. This will mean you’ll probably experience success worthy of a prize.

With working out, you get exactly the results you deserve, not the results you desire. If you’re going to try to cheat with not doing the cardio like you should, you’ll also try to cheat on your diet. Remember, how you do something is how you do everything. Looking at your need to cheat and working to transform it will afford you much more success in life than the cheating itself.

Getting the results will be hard, no one said it would be easy.  If it was easy, everyone would have a 6-pack stomach.  Trust the process, follow the plan and everything will workout like it should.  Mind over matter, you have to be willing to do the things most people are afraid to do.  

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Do you Eat to Workout, or Workout to Eat?

Breaking free from food rules

“There is no such thing as good or bad food. There is simply food that moves us towards our goal, and food that moves us away.”  Truth!

Food is neither good nor bad, it’s just food. All food has calories and macro and micronutrients. All food is derived from nature. It’s the meaning we place on it which makes it good or bad. And most of the meaning we place on food is not objective, it’s based on our subjective feeling about it, which comes from rules we learned during childhood, most of which are derived from fear.

Think about it. How many times where you punished or scolded for eating something that was “bad” for you? Did the adult who punished you ever take the time to explain why it was bad? Probably not. That’s because when we feel the urge to punish someone, it’s because seeing them do that behavior has triggered a bad feeling in us, unconsciously. So, we have the urge to stop them from doing the behavior so that our bad feeling can go away. I correct you outwardly, as I correct myself inwardly.

Our rules around food are learned from our parents, whose rules were learned from their parents. How we determine which food is bad and which is good, usually comes from how we were punished as a child. When we are punished for eating too much sugar for example, we learn that sugar is bad. So, when we eat it as adults, the moment of pleasure is very quickly replaced by a feeling of guilt or shame. Most of this behavior is unconscious. But food becomes good or bad based on how it makes us feel. Not on an objective meaning that is measurable in reality.

So, what would be a better way to view food? Given that all food has calories and macros, the only way we could label food good or bad is if it moves us towards or away from our goal. If I have a goal of eating 1800 calories per day to burn body fat for my wedding, and I choose to eat a pizza that pushes my calorie intake to 2200 for the day, then I could label that pizza as bad because it moved me away from my goal. Similarly, if I choose to eat six pieces of highly nutritious fruit, and that choice pushes me to eat 2000 calories that day, that fruit would also be bad. It’s not the food that is bad, it’s whether or not the choice to eat it moves you towards or away from your goal.

The takeaway? If you’re not working towards a measurable goal, food is neither good nor bad, it’s just food. I stopped binging when I realized I didn’t need rules around food, I needed a measurable, objective goal to work towards. Without it, I was just satiating myself with punishment and reward, believing it was helping me to control my behavior (it wasn’t by the way). To move on in life you need to stop measuring success based on how you feel, and start measuring on whether you’re moving towards or away from your goals.

Do this, and watch how your relationship with food changes.

What are the goals you are working towards? 

Your Perfect Life!

Your perfect life.

You ever take 15 minutes and sit down and write out what your perfect life looks like?

Just by yourself.

No one looking over your shoulder.

No one judging.

Not your friends.

Not your parents.

Not your significant other.

Not your coworkers.

Not your boss.

Think about what your perfect day looks like.

What time are you waking up?

What are you doing after that? And after that?

What are you working on?

Who are you spending time with?

How are you spending that time?

Then think about what your perfect year looks like?

Are you travelling? Where? Why? With who?

What else are you doing?

What are your priorities?

When you do this exercise you might find that you are VERY far away from your ideal day and ideal life.

That’s okay.

Perfectly normal.

Here’s the trick.

The hack.

The ninja tip.

In looking at your perfect scenario, find the ONE thing that is the easiest to work into your life right now.

THAT is your number one goal.

Don’t look for reasons why you can’t do it.

Find a way.

In 6 months or a year you’ll be significantly closer to that vision, and your life will be better than it’s ever been.

Let’s Go!

Are You Ready?

Are you ready?

Living in breakthrough means that you are constantly creating new beliefs.

I want to body of my dreams.  I want to look and feel better.  I can do hard things.

This is sustained growth.

It may seem difficult, but it will create massive results.

I don’t have to have that extra glass of wine or that desert after my dinner.

You can’t negotiate with it.

You have to dive in. Be committed.

Commit to living in what WILL BE, from what you WILL DO.

Choose the hard thing. It’s just a decision.

Don’t wait.

Implementing leads to innovating.

Procrastinating leads to wondering.

You don’t want to wonder. You want to LEAD.

You ARE a thought leader.

Your body is ready.

And your mind is waiting for you to make the decision that leads to breakthrough.

Make the changes TODAY! 

Yes, You Can!

Your journey can begin today, as soon as you reach out to me to get the process started.


Email me Today!

Run Your Own Race!

We’re all running different races.

Remember that.

No matter what you are trying to do in life.






The best you can do is just a little bit better than you did yesterday.

But what most of us do is look at the person next to us.

The one that appears to be where we want to be, and lament as to why we can’t get there faster.

The fact is, that person probably started way before you, had more resources than you, was more talented than you, or maybe is even willing to cheat more than you to get there.

Who knows?

Who cares?

And that’s the point.

It doesn’t matter.

You’re not competing against them.

You’re competing against you.

Don’t ignore those in front of you, as they can teach you how to to get where you want to go.

Just don’t compare yourself to them.

Remember, you’re running your own race.

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The One Two Punch for Success: Authenticity and Alignment

The One Two Punch for Success: Authenticity and Alignment

Have you ever felt as if you are beating your head against a wall? You repeatedly try to reach a goal but you never seem to achieve it. Instead, you are struggling rather than moving forward and achieving your goals with grace and ease.

You are not alone. The struggle to move from what we don’t want to what we do want is, unfortunately, a fundamental struggle for many individuals. Believe it or not, it is very common for people to struggle against what they want and to actively limit their good. In order to have what you want you must be willing to end the struggle and move into action. Your success is dependent on your ability to reach your goals and achieve.

The easiest way to move from “stuck” into action without struggle is to be authentic and to be in alignment with your authenticity. Authenticity means that you are connected to your core and that your desires are a true reflection of your inner self and soul.

Alignment means that your entire being is in agreement with the goal you want to achieve. For example, you come home from work one evening and you are very tired. But this evening is your work-out night. You sit on the couch and actually have to talk yourself into getting into your gym clothes and heading off to the gym. What you did in convincing part of yourself to go to the gym when it really wanted to rest on the couch is called alignment. You got yourself into alignment with the idea and intention of going to the gym no matter how tired a part of you felt. To end struggle and successfully achieve goals, all parts of you must work together for manifestation. That means all bodies, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, must be in agreement concerning a goal. There can be no doubts, limiting beliefs or attachments. The following describes a process you can use to do an authenticity check concerning your goals and bring yourself into alignment with your goals.

Step One: Sit quietly – create a peaceful, serene and nurturing space for yourself. It must be a space where you feel comfortable and secure. Spend several minutes in quiet and inner reflection upon your goal. Have paper and pen handy.

Step Two: The Authenticity Check: Ask within if this goal is the appropriate goal for you to achieve at this time. If the answer is yes, skip to the next step. If the answer is no, ask what a more appropriate goal would be for you right now.

By asking this question, you move from being ruled by the needs of the mind (survival issues) and begin to access the soul within. You leave behind the petty desires of the ego and move into realizing the desires of the soul. As a result, your goals become truer and more authentic.

Write down the response you receive. If you need additional clarity concerning the response, ask for it. Keep asking within until you feel complete.

Step Three: Alignment. Once you have a defined and authentic goal, it is time to create alignment. Remain in your space of quiet and comfort; ask to speak to your mental body. (You will repeat step Three with each of the bodies) Ask your mental body if it is willing to be in alignment with you goal. The purpose of this question is to uncover any blocks or limitations that reside in the mental body concerning the goal. If the answer is yes, proceed to the next body: physical, spiritual and emotional.

If the answer is no, simply begin a conversation with this part of you. Some questions to begin with are: Why are you not willing to be in alignment with this goal? What would it take for you to be in alignment with this goal? When a part is not willing to be in alignment with an authentic goal, the cause may be fear or insecurity. Usually, the situation is remedied by helping the part understand that it is taken care of, that it is safe and that it has nothing to fear. Simply, have a conversation with the part and inform it of the truth. Once you receive the willingness of all the bodies, remember to thank them for supporting the manifestation of this authentic goal.

Affirm your alignment with this goal and your intention to manifest it.

By completing this process, you have created an authentic goal and brought yourself into full alignment with this goal. You can now move forward without struggle because all blocks have been removed. Success shall be yours.

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The 6 Month Plan is about RIGHT NOW.

The 6 Month Plan is not about six months from now.

The 6 Month Plan is about RIGHT NOW.


When you use wisdom from the future and apply it to decisions in your life today, you make strides in the right direction, more easily.

You develop habits quicker (like what to eat and what not eat).

You rebound from failure faster. 

You get bigger wins.

You stop feeling pressure and incapable of getting the results you want. 

You have calm certainty.

You know when to do that extra 10 min of cardio, when to not choose that extra glass of wine, when to push yourself just a little bit harder, and when to take a rest day.

I’m going to walk you through a process that gives you the tools to be successful. 

Let’s get you on track to reach your summer goals NOW.  Before summer even arrives.

The key to success is you have to have the right mindset to succeed. 

This is a journey, a lifestyle change, a new way to be.

You have to be ready and willing to make changes.

Are you Ready?

If you want to learn how to get fit and be healthy by working hard and making changes come join me today! 

Come join for a 12- week program to become Stronger, Leaner and have more energy than ever before.

This 12-week program includes, lifting routine, nutrition guidance and cardio to get you to your goals.