Living life to the fullest!

“If you don’t leave a little room to indulge and celebrate, then what’s the point in life.”

One of my mottos in life is, work hard, play hard. As hard as I work in my business, and train in the gym, I equally love celebrating life and having fun with vacations, meals out, and alcohol. You can’t work as hard as I do without taking some downtime to enjoy the fruits of my labor. But, one of the questions I get asked the most is how I can live my life like this, while still staying lean all year round.

How do I do it? It’s actually very simple. I live life with balance. Ninety-percent of my lifestyle choices are taking me towards my goals, keeping ten-percent to enjoy something indulgent. Because otherwise, what’s the point in life? When the body is kept strong through daily exercise, strength training, and a nutritious diet, it can handle alcohol and excess calories from time to time! We’re not here to be perfect. We are here to live life joyfully and have fun.

So work hard, but remember to play hard too. You deserve it.

Have a fabulous week ahead!

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