You are only Human!

You’ll have good days, bad days, overwhelming days, “too tired” days, I am AMAZING days, I can’t go on days, But, every day, you continue to show-up – YOU’RE WINNING.

Here are some simple strategies that I find helpful when I’m having a rough time: And, yes even I fall short on some days.  

Positive visualization is great if you’re stressed or anxious about a specific upcoming situation.  Shut your eyes. Take one deep breath.  In that breath visualize a positive outcome – scoring the winning try, acing a job interview or exam, nailing that first pull-up you never thought you could do. 

Controlled breathing is useful for acutely stressful situations.  Close your eyes and for 20 seconds, just count the number of sounds you hear.  We can sometimes let things spiral out of control.  This might not fix the problem but it will give you a short reprieve from toxic thoughts and help to reground you. 

Apply the 90 second rule.   Whatever you’re pissed off about.  Whoever your angry at.  Feel it all.  Acknowledge it. Then let that sh*t got, or try too.  Find something to be grateful for within 90 seconds – anger and fear cannot coexist with gratitude.

Energy clearing.  I use this if ever I get emotionally overwhelmed by other people.  Close your eyes.  Imagine that you have little cords attaching you to that person.  Take a deep breath and visualize cutting the cords.   Then reclaim your mojo.

Give yourself a pep talk to remind yourself that one bad day does not mean a bad life.  “This situation is not forever.”  This sucks but you can get past it at some point.  Allow yourself to be sad/anxious/scared.  And something a friend just told me the other day – I’m a strong person deep down inside. I GOT THIS!

Do a random act of kindness.  I do this every-day with my job.   But is because I help people day in and day out.  I also feel you need to put yourself first.  I do not do a good job with this, but one can only get better.

And finally, it’s ok if some days are just f*cked and can’t be salvaged.  Not every day can become a good day. And that’s what bed is for.  Sleep can be a game changer. Don’t let a sh*t day today ruin a perfectly good day tomorrow. 

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