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New Year’s Resolutions!

New Year’s Resolutions! 2021 has officially begun, and most of us have made resolutions to achieve.  We have lots of things we want to change, and no better time then now, Right? Understanding the reasons behind resolutions is more important than making the actual list, and here is why. Myth # 1:  You know exactly…

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Benefits of Life Coaching with Angela Caprigno!

Mindset matters! It matters more than station in life, education, circle of friends, and the manner in which you were raised. You can shut down the internal voice in your head. You can direct and control your thoughts—making them helpers in your life, not obstacles. The key to progress and success is appropriate goal setting,…

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Self Confidence:

What is Self-Confidence? Self Confidence is being secure in yourself and your abilities.  Most people lack self-confidence, they don’t think they are good enough, they think everyone is better than them, which can hinder your performance at work and in life.   So how does one become more self-confident?  You have to master the ability to…

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Setting Boundaries:

I am going to talk to you about setting boundaries with your loved ones,  friends even your boss at work.  A boundary is something you create for yourself, and it’s used to achieve life changing results.  It is not a way to control other people.  A boundary is a request you make of someone to…

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Money – Part 1

Today I am going to talk about Money!  What do you believe about Money?  Money is abundant, Money is easy, Money is fun, I love money. Or to think that… Money is hard, You have to work hard for money, I never have enough money, Money isn’t important. The way you think about money is…

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