It’s not a goal that takes you from point  A to point B.  It’s the step by step, daily tasks that you repeat over and over and over again.  For weeks, months and years.  It is a journey.
A mistake I see with goal setting is there is too much emphasis on the destination and not enough emphasis on the process.  
A reason I can stay in shape all year round is because I focus on the daily tasks.  I learnt that it’s the foundation of our habits and behaviors that build the body and keep it running, not the goal to get to the end results. 
The process that leads me to the end goal is doing the little things day in and day out.

–       Tracking and complying to my nutrition
–       Training and adding progressive overload
–       Managing sleep and recovery.  Work hard to Play hard!
–       Hitting activity goals (steps/cardio) daily.
–       Pre-planning and being organized.
–       Tracking my results and reflecting on my process, what worked and what didn’t.
The goal doesn’t make you disciplined, the process does.
The goal doesn’t build character, the process does.
How we measure if you are successful? 

​​You measure how well you follow the process and you address what is working and what needs more work. 
When it comes to creating your goals, understand that the goal is the end point.  To get to the end point you have to start from the beginning, one step, one task at a time.
Trust the Process and know you need to follow it day in and day out. 
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