Your brain is the most powerful tool on the planet. Money could never buy or reproduce it. Managing your brain (and your thoughts) is the most important thing you will ever do to create your desired results.”

As a Life Coach. I learned the latest, laser-like tools and cutting-edge techniques to help you manage thoughts, and actions—and thereby results. My life coach model is amazing and will help you see life in a whole new way.” 

–Angela Caprigno

Top 12 Reasons To Hire A Life Coach!

  1. Become Clear on your Purpose in Life and How to get There:
    • You need to know your end goal to figure out the steps we need to take to get you there.
  2. Health and Fitness:
    • Helping clients achieve health and fitness to live and feel better.
  3. Goal Setting / Achievement:
    • Helping clients learn how to set and achieving goals in all areas of their lives.
  4. Time Management:
    • Tools and techniques to help clients master time management—working smarter, not just harder.
  5. Motivation:
    • Working with clients to explore how to spark motivation at work, at home, and at play
  6. Work/Life Balance:
    • Uncovering methods to help clients balancing work and life
  7. Self- image:
    • Uncovering methods to help clients  with the idea one has of one’s abilities, appearance, and personality.
  8. Mindset:
    • Providing clients with the keys to mastering their mindsets, guarding their thoughts, and taking control of their lives.
  9. Positivity: 
    • Guiding clients along a pathway to becoming beacons of light in a troubled world by transmitting “positivity” to anyone they encounter in any situation or setting. Positivity is when you maintain your calmness, hopefulness and enthusiasm and love for life.
  10. Victory over Victimization:
    • Showing clients how to create victory in their daily lives by overcoming victimization through mental and emotional self-direction.
  11. Inner Thought Life:
    • Helping clients discover ways to prevent and control their inner thoughts from running amuck by redirecting them to create new ways of thinking.
  12. Emotional Intelligence: 
    • Tap a toolbox of methods to improve a client’s emotional intelligence through self-awareness, interpreting body language, identifying emotional triggers, and other manifestations of societal living.

You need help with any of the above Problems, I have a Solution!

Services Include 1 on 1 Virtual Coaching

What Can Mindset Coaching Help You With?

  • Unplug from outside interference
  • Remove boundaries – create a new way to accomplish goals
  • Teach you how to remove negative actions so that energy does not reform
  • Align your actions with your words. Actions speak louder then words!
  • Create a course of action
  • Hold you accountable
  • This can be used in all aspects in your life

What is Mindset Coaching?

Everything you do and see begins in your mind as that is where the seed that develops into your perspective is planted. If you want to accomplish your personal or professional objectives, then begin with changing your mindset and you will change your life.

There are many aspects of life that contribute to the way you think. Removing negative thoughts and images will allow you to work within a healthier frame of mind in which to envision, process information and formulate your thoughts.

Inspiration and passion can help you find a peaceful state of mind in which to begin. Instead of focusing on your pain, negative past, or things that had a negative impact on your life, use it as fuel to thrust you into a compassionate, stronger and more positive mindset. Allowing you to be the very best version of yourselves and to unlock your full potential.

Changing your mindset means learning to forgive, investing in yourself, trusting your intuition, and using your past as fuel to overcome adversity.  

I changed my mindset and that changed my life!


Many people suffer from one or more “holes” in their lives. Sadly, they seldom examine the “whole” of their lives. This is where Coach Angela is most effective. She champions an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to the entirety of one’s life—consisting of body (including physical fitness and health), mind, emotion, and spirit. Her certifications and accreditations are myriad. Her coaching skills are time-tested and trustworthy.

To each and every professional encounter, Angela brings a coaching toolbox packed with techniques and models to improve her clients’ well-being.  Anxiety, depression, stress, time management, negative thinking, lack of self-confidence and poor self-image, shortfalls in motivation and inspiration, ill-health, crummy diet, uncertain life purpose, and imbalance between work and the rest of their lives—these and other maladies are met head -on by customizing various toolbox elements to the specific needs of the client.

Moreover, Angela practices what she preaches. Her actions exemplify her beliefs. She is especially self-disciplined and motivated. She helps unlock the benefits of the “right” mindset of a client. Everyday she proves how much she cares by the way she interacts with those depending on her.


I started training with Angela Caprigno about 10 years ago. The objective at that point was centered on my physical condition and achieve fitness goals. Through the years though Angela has changed my perception on how I approach life and obstacles that I face.

The focus she always tells me is mindset. I’m not the fastest learner but when I practice what she has told me it works. I am by nature an anxious person and have difficulties dealing with stress. The pivotal thing Angela has taught me is you can only control you. I was consistently becoming stressed over the actions or circumstances effecting other people. She would always ask me why? I would be confused and say because I care about them. She would then tell me you can’t control what they do or the challenges they are facing. You can support them and ask yourself what can I do to help, but that’s it. Don’t allow other peoples problems become yours. Create a boundary of this is what I can do, after that it’s up to the other person to conquer what is going on in their life.

I was adding stress and anxiety to my life that I had no control over. Which believe me, makes you powerless and feeling overwhelmed. Believe me I am not a finished product, but thanks to Angela I cope with life better. Fortunately I have the benefit of seeing her every week to keep me on the right path and help me make my life more fulfilling.


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