Personal Trainer VS Fitness Influencer: What’s the difference?  

I’m not an influencer.  

I’m a personal trainer.  

Not someone who does fitness on the side.   Not someone with a hobby fitness account.  

A personal trainer.   A fully qualified TRAINER.   I live and breathe it. It’s what I do.   So, what IS a personal trainer and how do you tell the difference between a personal trainer and a fitness influencer?  

A personal trainer is someone who is FULLY qualified. At one point in time, a trainer has clients who they work with ONE on ONE or in PERSON. They have a degree or a certification that is up to date.  Personal trainers can provide you with online workout programs backed by their experience with MANY clients and also science and years of research.  

If you are following a fitness INFLUENCER who is NOT qualified, who has never trained a client, you need to understand they are NOT a personal trainer and can only speak to their OWN personal experience (as they have no other qualified experience in training people).  

Fitness influencers on the other hand, although so inspiring and motivational, they are often not qualified to provide training programs or advice. A fitness influencer is someone who’s side passion may be fitness.   It often isn’t their full-time job. You will see their workouts and their “fitness lifestyle” on their social media pages. They exist to motivate and inspire you to go to the gym and perhaps try some cool new products from brands they work with.  

I personally follow so many fitness influencers and am inspired by them, but you NEED to know the difference. When it comes to your health and fitness journey, qualifications ARE important.  

Not every client is the same and what works for one person may not work for someone else.   

There is a science behind it all.    

You need to trust the process and communication is key!  

This is not a side hustle, this is not about being famous, this is not about followers…   THIS, this is my JOB.   I am a trained PROFESSIONAL and fitness is my LIFE.  

So again… I’m not a fitness influencer.  I’m a personal trainer.  

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