Struggling to eat healthier? 👇

Mindset is everything in all things – including health and fitness.

Do yourself a favor and examine your reasons for everything you are doing diet and exercise wise.

Check out how your reasons feel to you.

When you are forcing yourself to do something and beating yourself up when you don’t, it makes sense that you get tired of hearing about it all and want to eat unhealthy food instead.

Do you know how I cut back significantly on eating bad food?

I started drinking water. Lots of water. 100 oz of water per day at a minimum.

I drink so much water that I don’t really have room (or thirst) for those chips or cookies and I did that so many times that my taste for the bad food has changed significantly. Mostly when I do go to grab for some chips or a cookie (about 1-2 times per week) I can’t even finish it. It doesn’t taste good. Trust me who doesn’t like a good crunch?

Sometimes the best way to change a habit is just to start a new one. I personally like focusing on what to do better than what not to do.

How about you?

What habit do you want to change?

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