Often, we look to our past for validation that we are capable of something. This only works if we are looking to accomplish something we’ve already accomplished in the past. Imagine if a baby who was learning to walk refused to try because they had never been successful at walking before. With this mindset, the baby would never learn to walk.

Fortunately, when we were babies, we didn’t look to our past for evidence that we would
be successful or we’d still be crawling. But somewhere, typically in our early adulthood,
we stop focusing on our future and focus instead on our past to help us decide what we’re capable of. We begin choosing thoughts like, “I’ve never done it before, so I’m not sure I can do it” or “I’ve always been bad with money; it’s just who I am” or “I’ve never been able to figure out technology easily.” We limit our future potential based on who we’ve been and what we’ve accomplished so far.

Focusing on the future means clients should recognize limiting beliefs, let them go, and replace them with beliefs that serve their business dreams. It means focusing on the road ahead and getting excited about the future. It means that to create a different future, the client has to create something that doesn’t exist in their past. We must believe something that we don’t currently believe. If we already believed it, we would have created the result we do not yet have.

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