Today I am going to talk about Money!  What do you believe about Money? 

  • Money is abundant, Money is easy, Money is fun, I love money.

Or to think that…

  • Money is hard, You have to work hard for money, I never have enough money, Money isn’t important.

The way you think about money is what will determine how much you have. 

Questions you should ask yourself?  Does money solve all problems? Can money buy you time, and there is nothing more valuable than time? Can money buy freedom? Does money make life easier?

Most people believe they’re limited in how they can earn money, that it’s only earned over time and by effort, but the real way to create wealth is by creating value.  Now, if you believe that money comes from time and effort, you’re going to be sitting there with your hand out, wanting to get paid. You’ll want to get paid the most you can for the least amount of time and effort, but that will backfire.

People who overdeliver always get it back ten times over, not only in their self-esteem and in their self- confidence, but in their willingness to receive. When you’ve given such quality to the world, you’re open to receiving all the gifts, all the abundance the world has.

When you’re constantly living from a place of scarcity, wanting to make sure you get paid for every single thing you do, you stop creating value.

Money is actually very easy when you clean up your beliefs about it. When you allow yourself to imagine breaking out of the time and effort money prison, you’ll open yourself up to so much more possibility.

Here’s the deal. Most of us think we get paid for our time, which has
a limit, and there’s a maximum amount we can make based on our education. What is the number you have in your mind? $100k? $500k? Most people think that’s the maximum they can make in a year, and they hope to find someone who will pay them that much. If you have beliefs like these, you’ll get stuck in a rut.

Maybe there’s not a limited amount of money you can make. Maybe you can create your own wealth by creating your own value and offering it to the world. That doesn’t mean you have to come up with the next iPhone, and that doesn’t mean you need a talk show, and it doesn’t mean that you have to be the best investor in the world. All it means is that you’re going to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be and give as much service to the world as you can possibly give for the sake of how amazing you’ll feel. You not only have to create the value; you also have to then be open to receiving.

You have to trust your own guidance to take you to the place where you need to be. You have to stop buffering and start to clean up your mind
and not respond to negative emotion to be able to access what you have that’s of value. Every single one of us has the ability to create money.

Start with a little bit of awareness by thinking about how much money you have right now. Why do you have that amount?

Now think about that in terms of your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. What are your feelings about how you’ve acquired your money? What’s your opinion about your money right now? Are your current thoughts likely to create more money?

That’s all for now.. Part 2 will be Next week – Your thoughts about making more money.

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